Marine Microbial Macroecology Lab

Moving into the new lab

Sunday, 12 December 2018

We moved into our new lab this week!

Photo of the new lab shortly after starting to move in.

Visitors from TAMUG

Tuesday, 08 August 2017

Sam Setta and Laura Bretherton visited our lab for a week to work on bioinformatic analysis of some GOMRI experiments.

We always try to be good hosts for our visitors – this time in addition to lots of hard work this incldued a trip to Hopewell Rocks and Cora’s, a favourite local breakfast place.



Work by Michaël Bradet-Legris featured by Mount Allison

Saturday, 07 July 2017

The computing and bioinformatic work being done by summer research student Michaël Bradet-Legris was featured in a Mount Allison story this week.

Click here for the full article.

Archive version.

Dr Ina Benner's research featured in student newspaper (The Argosy)

Thursday, 03 March 2015

Dr Benner’s work on phytoplankton evolution was featured in The Argosy this week.

Click here for the full article.