Marine Microbial Macroecology Lab

Nuwanthi Samarasinghe a 3 minute thesis finalist at Dalhousie

Nuwanthi Samarasinghe recently participated in the 3MT (three-minute thesis) event at Dalhousie. Graduate students distilled the background, goals, and findings of their research into a three minute presentation with one slide targetted at a general audience. Students first competed in heats and Nuwanthi was one of eleven students selected for the final competition held this week at Dalhousie.

Congratulations to Nuwanthi for her presentation titled: “Do Small Diatoms Matter in the Ocean?” Nuwanthi showed the audience how the smallest diatoms really are important contributors to the marine phytoplankton communities and biogeochemical cycles.

Nuwanthi Samarasinge presenting her 3MT.

The 2023 finalists for Dalhousie's 3MT event.