Marine Microbial Macroecology Lab

MMaB Lab party


Here’s the lab group from our spring celebration. Congratulations in particular to our honours undergradute students: Sally Faulkner, Matt Fyfe, Akarsh Pai, and Catherine Fiset.

It’s impossible to get everyone together at the same time, but we did well.

Shown in the figure (L-to-R, F-to-B): Felicia, Catherine, Akarsh, Sally, Ina, Yue, Ruby, Kindy, Rosie, Niall, Zoe, Li, Doug (collaborator), Justin, Andrew, Wei (friend of the lab).

Crispin is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo giving a talk. Laura is in Galveston working on experiments. Vinitha is on an airplane about to arrive in Sackville. Matt just left Sackville. Jonathan and Mirelle were busy with end-of-term activities. Zhi-Ping and Deepak don’t appear in the photo. Amanda (collaborator, Dean) took the photo.