Marine Microbial Macroecology Lab

Catherine Fiset


I am a fourth-year honours student in biology. I am interested in how variations in the macromolecular composition of micro- and macroalgae impact marine ecosystems.

In the last year, I have done research on macroalgae. I first looked at the biases in the methods used to quantify macroalgae macromolecular content, and am now investigating the differences in average macromolecular composition between the three macroalgae phyla: the Chlorophyta, Rhodophyta, and Ochrophyta.

I am currently working on my honours thesis project on an arctic genus of phytoplankton called Phaeocystis. I will be culturing it to determine how its macromolecular and elemental composition (C, N, P) changes when it is limited for phosphorous or nitrogen.